Liturgical Calendar

Each Sunday is the Lord’s Day. The Third Commandment calls us to keep the Lord’s Day holy. We are called to do this by praying together as a community at Mass. Please join us.

Holy Days in 2018
January 1 – Feast of Mary, Mother of God
Easter Sunday, April 1
Ascension of Our Lord – May 10
Assumption of the Blessed Mother – August 15
All Saints Day – November 1
Feast of the Immaculate Conception – December 8
Christmas – December 25

Upcoming Feast Days
Wednesday, June 27 – Feast of Saint Cyril of Alexandria
Thursday, June 28 – Feasr of Saint Irenaeus
Friday, June 29 – Feasts of Saints Peter and Paul
Saturday, June 30 – Feast of Venerable Pierre Toussaint; Feast of The First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church
Sunday, July 1 – Feast of Saint Junípero Serra
Tuesday, July 3 – Feast of Saint Thomas
Wednesday, July 4 – Feast of Pier-­Giorgio Frassati, 1901–1925
Thursday, July 5 – Feasts of Saint Elizabeth of Portugal and Saint Anthony Zaccaria
Friday, July 6 – Feast of Saint Maria Goretti
Saturday, July 7 – Feast of Blessed Peter To Rot
Monday, July 9 – Feast of Saint Veronica Giuliani
Wednesday, July 11 – Feast of Saint Benedict
Friday, July 13 – Feast of Saint Henry