Building and Grounds Committee oversees the maintenance of the parish buildings and grounds.  Contact Henry Materek 860-582-7606. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month at a time announced.

Education Committee oversees the religious education of the children of the parish as well as provides opportunities for adult enrichment. Contact Joanna at 860-585-8171.

Social Justice/Service Committee. The purpose of the Social Justice Committee is to promote social justice and educate and inform our parish community on the issues of social justice based on the teachings of the Church. Please contact Cynthia 860-675-3737.

Spiritual Life/Worship Committee. This committee strives to promote spiritual life and builds community in the parish through programs such as retreats, parish missions, pilgrimages, etc.  Contact Deacon Richard 860-620-7164.

Stewardship Committee encourages the members of the parish to use their gifts, talents and abilities for the good of the parish and the community and most importantly for the glory of God.

Parish Organizations/Committees:

CCD Parents assist and enrich the parish’s religious education program with a variety of activities during the school year. Please watch this website for specific announcements.

Co-Leader – Aneta Kryzsztofek
Co-Leader – Kasia Kasica
Treasurer – Agnieszka Sokol

Dozynki Committee committee plans the annual Parish Polish Festival “Dozynki” which is held during the weekend following Labor Day. The 2018 Dozynki will be held on September 8 and 9. Donations for the festival’s tag sale are welcome. For more tag sale information or help with a pickup call Donna 860-990-7778.

Golden Agers is a civic-minded organization for the 50+ generation which meets the first Wednesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. in the Bartlewski Center. Other meetings and events occur as announced.  The group raises money for the church, celebrates birthdays and maintains the cleanliness of the church.  Contact Penny Sobolewski 860-589-5597.

President – Penny Sobolewski
Vice-Presient – Marianne Kozikowski
Treasurer – Teesa Dougeneck
Secretary – Pearl Kowalczyk
Financial Secretary – Ursula Dougeneck

Ladies Guild has monthly meetings for the spiritual, educational and social enrichment of its members.  The ladies raise funds for the purchase of vestments and articles for the Church Sanctuary and visit shut-in members.  Contact Jennifer LaCart 860-589-6320.

President – Jennifer LaCart
Vice-Presient – Barbara Sellberg
Secretary – Penny Sobolewski
Treasurer – Terry Dougeneck
Financial Secretary – Carol Kallenbach


Members of The Ladies Guild busy making sandwiches for the needy on Sandwich Sunday in May.

Men’s Organization meets on the last Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Bartlewski Center. This organization strives to promote the spiritual welfare of the men of the parish; to provide opportunities for the spiritual, education and social enrichment of the parish; to provide unity and friendship among the members and to render service to the parish. Contact Dan Kozikowski 203-525-3342.

President – Daniel Kozikowski
Vice President – Marcel Cyr
Treasurer – Raymond Saucier
Recording Secretary – James Pelletier
Financial Secretary – David Cousineau
Sergeant of Arms – Joseph Buchus

Parish Life Committee Leaders from all Parish Ministries help this committee plan one or more events such as our parish picnic in the early summer. The 2018 picnic will be held on June 24th. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 2 at 6:30 p.m in the Bartlewski Center. Please contact Mary 860-589-5428.

Parish Supper Club is a church fund-raiser. Thank you to everyone who supported our supper club in 2017. We look forward to another good year. New members are welcome throughout the year. Dues are $1.00 /week for 50 weeks. There are 3 weekly drawings per week of $10 each.  The next annual free dinner for paid up members will take place on Sunday, October 21, 2018. Each member has a chance to win one of many cash prizes. Contact Barbara Sellberg 860-582-9395.

Respect for Life Committee supports and upholds the dignity of Human Life from conception to natural death.  Contact Krystyna Hoppe 860-585-1606.

Towarzystwo (Polish Society) strives to support our Polish Culture and traditions as well as celebrate church and national holidays.  Contact Irene Grabowy 860-589-0592.

Towarzystwo members in action making sandwiches for the needy.


Youth Ministry.  Our mission is to provide an opportunity for youth in our parish to be active participants in the Catholic Faith Community. The goals of our St. Stanislaus Youth Ministry are for youths to socially interact with peers of our church, to serve the needs of people in the community, and to deepen youth’s relationship with God through prayer and worship. The youth ministry adult advisor is Debbie Sousa.



Our Youth Ministry members pose as they prepare to leave on their mission trip to Tennessee.