Altar Servers.  Altar servers assist at liturgies.  Contact Deacon Rich 860-620-7164.

Bereavement Ministry.  This ministry provides a process for those who have lost a loved one to deal with grief. For information about our Fall 2018 Bereavement Ministry please watch this website or contact Joan 860-583-9831.

Children’s Choir For rehearsal schedule please contact Christina at 860-798-1714.

Church Library. Our parish has a library with a variety of books and periodicals. Offerings are available in both the English and Polish languages. It is open on weekends after Sunday masses. During the week it is open upon request. Please contact the Church office.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assists the priests and deacons in distributing Holy Communion at Masses and in bringing the Eucharist to the sick and homebound. Contact the rectory at 860-583-4242.

Greeters. This ministry welcomes those attending mass or other special events in our parish with a smile and a kind word. New greeters are always welcome to help. Please contact Joan Keyowski 860-583-9831.

Lazarus Committee.  This committee helps the family with the many tasks at the time of a funeral. They provide a warm welcome to a family and friends attending the funeral. They are also available to help with the luncheon after the funeral-setting up and clean up. A special Mass for the deceased of the parish is celebrated about every two months, on a Saturday at 8:30AM, followed by a reception for all the bereaved.  Contact Karin Kaczynski at 860-801-1856.

Lectors.  Lectors read the Word of God in Mass and lead the Prayers of the Faithful. Please contact Deacon Richard at

Legion of Mary.  Members strive to increase personal devotion and help in the good works of the parish by visiting the sick and homebound, welcoming new parishioners, organizing a parish library and helping to lead parish discussions and bereavement groups. The two Legion groups meet weekly on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings. Contact Maria 860-583-4242 for the evening meetings or Maryann 860-589-8751 for the morning meetings.


Music Ministry.  The parish choirs endeavor to heighten the spiritual, educational and social enrichment of their members as they provide music ministry for the parishioners. The Adult Choir and Children’s Choir contact is Christina Micari at 860-798-1714. The Polish Language Choir is under the direction of Karolina Zagaja 860-329-1261.

Parish Gardeners. Members of the parish maintain and care for various landscaped areas and flower beds on the church property on a voluntary basis. A “green thumb” would help, but everyone is invited to join in. Contact the rectory at 870-583-4242 or Matt 860-803-0287.

Polish Rosary Society.  Meets on the first Sunday of every month following the Polish Mass.

Visitation of the Sick and Homebound.   This is an ongoing ministry. Visitations to hospitals, convalescent homes, and homes are made regularly by priests of the parish, Eucharistic Ministers and members of the Legion of Mary.  Contact the rectory at 860-583-4242.

Youth Ministry.  Our mission is to provide an opportunity for youth in our parish to be active participants in the Catholic Faith Community. The goals of our St. Stanislaus Youth Ministry are for youths to socially interact with peers of our church, to serve the needs of people in the community, and to deepen youth’s relationship with God through prayer and worship. Please contact youth ministry adult advisor Debbie at 860-874-9939.